Welcome to Funkis!

Funkis is a digital learning agency located in Göteborg, Sweden. Our customers are local and global companies and organisations.

We create digital learning solutions

Our trainings are used in a range of areas; home furnishing, the transport industry, health care, hygiene products and international research. We develop trainings about everything from product launches to company culture. We are not experts within any of these topics, our expertise is finding the right learning solution for our customers’ needs.

Every customer we work with has their own set of challenges depending on their target audience, environment and task. We work with corporate universities, training departments and organisations that are new to digital learning.

We won Gold for “Best learning game” and “Excellence in the design of learning content”, together with one of our customers, at the Learning Technologies Awards in London 2018.

Return on investment

Our customers invest in learning and they expect something in return. This can be reduced costs or higher performing teams. For every project it comes down to the same thing – making a change.

Our learning solutions support the learner, all the way from learning to action. We believe that by creating the right circumstances the learner can take ownership of their own change.

Learning on your own and in a group

Our trainings include elements of self study, group activity and knowledge sharing. We tailor the training based on your organisation's needs and challenges.

The self study gives the learner freedom to take the training in their own pace, at any time, and any place – using their own computer or mobile device. In the digital workshop a group of learners is guided through discussions, knowledge sharing and solving problems together as a team.

Quiddity creates more opportunities

Quiddity is our platform for sharing data between learners. It allows us to bring ideas and results from an individual self study to a digital workshop. Quiddity makes it possible for comprehensive follow ups, and for showing results from group activities, surveys and high scores. We can also host learning solutions on Quiddity - for customers who don’t have their own Learning Management System.

Want to know more?

We'd be very happy to hear from you and talk about your training needs. Feel free to drop us a line, give us a call or come by the office.

+46 31 13 97 90