What is Funkis

Funkis is a digital learning agency located in Göteborg, Sweden. 
Our learning solutions deal with topics ranging from product development to customer service. Our trainings are used in a range of areas and our customers include both local and global companies and organisations. 

Our mission

Our job is to create the best digital learning solution we can based on our customers needs. Our customers invest in learning because they expect improvements – reduced costs, higher performing teams, and making a lasting change. That’s why we start every assignment by analysing our customers’ expectations and by looking at them from the learner’s perspective.

Funkis is short for functionalism – a design and architecture movement based on the idea that beauty derives from functionality. It’s about clarifying and simplifying. Good design always helps the user. These principles guide us in our work, and define our ideas about learning.


From a learner perspective

A successful learning solution is centered around the learner and their reality. We work hard to attract learners with interactive exercises, methods and a visual design that engage and inspire. All the way from learning to action. If the learner feels energised and is willing to make a change after taking our trainings, then we have succeeded. That’s how we help our customers to reach their goals!  


We are the people at Funkis

We have backgrounds in the gaming industry, technology, education, and communication. We have a mix of experiences and personalities, and we enjoy thinking outside the box.
Our different perspectives along with years of experience are a vital part of understanding our customers’ challenges and coming up with new creative learning ideas. This is how we create the best possible learning solutions for our customers.