Our offer

Funkis develops digital training solutions for mobile devices and computers. Our offer includes e-learnings, virtual workshops and online learning events. Everything we produce can be run in a web browser. We work with two main formats: Individual activities and Group activities. They can be delivered as standalone solutions or as parts of more extensive learning programmes.

Funkis learning platform

Creating and running learning solutions

To make the most of digital learning, we have developed our own platform.

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Our digital learning formats


Individual activities 

Our individual activities focus on bite sized learning, a high level of interaction, storytelling and gamification. All packaged in a clever design that attracts the learner.

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Group activities

We believe in bringing people together. People have a natural curiosity, a will to discuss, and to share knowledge and experience. In Funkis workshops learners work together to solve a problem, produce an action plan, a strategy or establish new ways of working.

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Virtual learning event

Thanks to clever digital facilitation, engaging group activities and the possibility to share data, we offer a fully virtual alternative to a traditional face-to-face learning. The exercises are spread out over breakout sessions and include Q&As, post-its, workshop canvas activities, quizzes, and other learning interactions.

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Our digital learning toolbox

Our library of proven solutions

Over the years, we have found that some learning activities work better than others. We save our most successful activities in a library of ‘proven solutions’. This means we can quickly structure and package your learning content, to fit the needs of your learners.


Thanks to our Content Management Tool, we can offer an efficient way for cooperation that allows us to work on the learning content together. You are free to decide your level of involvement – from reviewing, updating or editing content, to building a whole learning programme on your own. Regardless, we take care of the technical, visual and learning design aspects of your production.

Our learning platform

To make the most of digital learning, we have developed our own platform. The platform makes it possible for participants to share data, and to make results available for analysis. The platform is also used for hosting and distributing trainings.

Hosting and Data sharing 

With our Learning Platform, we offer a lightweight LMS (Learning Management System) for hosting and distributing digital learning programmes. Funkis Learning Platform is compatible with SCORM 2004 standard and offers a unique benefit: The possibility to share data between participants. This means learners, among other things, can vote individually during a self-study, and continue to work with the result – as a group – in a workshop. This feature is great for converting face-to-face learning programmes into a virtual format.

Data analytics 

Reliable learning statistics that are easy to work with are important for competence development and making the right strategic decisions. With Funkis platform you can display and analyse user data from both individual and group activities through the interactive dashboard. Data reports can include, for example, results from evaluationss, reflections, simulations or action plans created during a training. It’s easy to drill down, customise and cross reference the user data.