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Training formats

Our productions can be categorised in four different training formats. Each format represents a specific approach on how to train a target group.

About the self-guided training format

Self-guided trainings span over several weeks or months and includes a mix of learning activities performed both ”on screen” and on the job. A self guided training can be made either as an individual activity or as a group activity. The training can be made accessible via a learning management system (LMS).


In addition to all elements included in a self-study, a self-guided training also includes assignments. The assignments are an integrated part in the learning concept. They activate users to involve colleagues and other resources outside the training production.

Self-guided trainings can span over several months and involves colleagues and other resources outside the training production.

Area of application

A self-guided training is excellent when training knowledge and behaviour in combination. The format is especially useful when a central initiative should be adapted in the local operations. For example, when teaching a new working process or when giving a guided introduction to a new job role.


A self-guided training is a cost-efficient solution per ”learning minute”. This makes the format available also for smaller target groups. It requires a higher effort from the users and sometimes from the organisation.

Example of self-guided training

Self-guided training introducing a new working process.

Distribution of expected learning effect

Distribution of expected learning effect.