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Our idea of learning

For us, learning is the most sophisticated form of communication. The message should be attractive and seducing, whilst the sender has clear expectations on the recipients and their following actions.

Learning in an evolving world

In the modern world, there is an infinite demand for increased knowledge, skills and new ways of thinking. In a company or an organisation, this demand is met by continuously developing peoples’ competence. Today, training is an integral part of almost any job.

New learning methods gain ground

We live in a time where almost everyone and everything is connected. We no longer have to wait for the paper to read up on the latest news, or physically attend an event to take part of it. With modern technology, training formats have also developed. Today, it is possible to transfer knowledge more efficiently, both in quality and quantity, and to a lower cost – simply by taking advantage of existing digital platforms. Progress in this field is continuously made, and Funkis is always on the look-out for new and improved solutions.

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Where Funkis makes a difference

Our long experience of innovation, game development and knowledge transfer makes us question the traditional methods for training and learning. Self-studies can be excellent, if they have sophisticated learning design and engaging interactivity. Workshops can be improved, more cost-efficient and smoothly operated by a virtual facilitator. Classroom trainings can be more interactive, democratic and engaging, both before and after. The training format should support people to learn on the job and from each other, by co-creation and teamwork. So that's why we continuously develop our training formats. Based on these formats, we create and produce new and innovative learning solutions, together with our clients.