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Learning manifesto

Our learning manifesto represent how we see ourselves, our job and the productions we deliver.

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We don't believe in off-the-shelf solutions. Neither do our clients. Each competence need is specific. Each target group requires to be met on their conditions. Trainings that really make a difference are always adapted to the reality of the users and to each clients’ specific needs. Otherwise, it is a risk that both our clients and the target groups effort, is in vain. That’s why we only develop tailored productions.

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We are proud and passionate about what we do. We strive for perfection and do not stop until we reach excellence. It becomes visible in the overall concept as well as in the details. We will always perform our best and will never deliver anything that we aren’t proud of. At the same time we have a strong culture of humbleness. Towards each other and towards our clients.

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Innovation is in our DNA. We have always been and always will be innovative. We listen to our customers and use our skills and creativity to create new, better solutions. Our proven record of innovations dates back a long time. Besides more significant solutions, a wide range of smaller innovations are continuously developed – by everyone at Funkis.

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We’re not just another supplier. Our clients choose to work with us since they want to create something special. Neither we nor the client is having all the answers. Together, we work towards the same goal. We’re in the same team but with different roles. That’s why we strive for long-term relationships. The more we learn about our client, the organisation, its strengths and weaknesses, the better trainings we’ll develop. Besides, it’s more enjoyable to work with someone you know well.

Funkis – short for ”functionalism”, is a movement in architecture and design where beauty is derived from functionality.

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We believe in our name. Funkis (short for functionalism) is a movement in architecture and design where beauty is derived from functionality. This is a common thread in everything we do – from our idea of learning, visual design and technical solutions – all the way to the final delivery.