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Training formats

Our productions can be categorised in four different training formats. Each format represents a specific approach on how to train a target group.

About Funkis Tile

Funkis Tile is a new training platform, designed and developed by Funkis.
 It includes both a learning method and a system software, integrated with each other. Depending on context, a Funkis Tile production will be accessed from any suitable digital device - and works well together with the LMS.


Funkis Tile can boost learning process in all kind of trainings. The method builds content from the participants skills, knowledge and engagement. Funkis Tile allows participants to work both individually and in a group, sharing results with everyone doing the same training.

Funkis Tile uses all the advantages brought by game-based training and simulations plus the collaborative parts from face-to-face trainings.

Area of application

Funkis Tile is used in face-to-face trainings or seminars – for mind-openers, to enhance the knowledge exchange or for team-building. It is also well-suited to support decision-making. Funkis Tile is built on experiences from work for our corporate clients since 2010.

Contact us

Please contact us to learn more about Funkis Tile.

Example of learning activity

Take a moment to reflect: What are the issues with the two most common learning formats of today?

Example of learning activity