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About Funkis

We design digital learning solutions. Together with our clients, we tailor these solutions for their business needs. When we are happy with the result, Funkis develop, package and deliver the production in a format that is accessible to the target group.

Work structure

We have our own production method - Funkis way of working. This method is tightly integrated in our business system and accessible for our employees, suppliers and clients.

Staff and suppliers

We have a staff of creative, talented, skilled and experienced people. We cover interdisciplinary competencies such as learning design, programming and art direction as well as graphic design, script writing and project management. In addition, we have a strong network of selected suppliers.

Our external supplier Funkis has been a reliable, creative and flexible partner throughout the development process.

Technical platform

Creating tailored training requires a flexible and stable technical platform. Our productions are developed using Funkis Authoring framework and toolchain. The final result can be packaged to be accessible on all major digital platforms – as apps for tablets or smartphones, SCORM packages for a Learning Management System or apps for Windows and Mac.

Our framework is also built to fully support and encourage localisation into different languages. We have a lot of experience in this process and our productions have been translated and adapted into more than 40 languages.